IB-Stim Standard of Care for Functional Abdominal Pain

The IB-Stim is a non-surgical device that works by sending gentle electrical impulses into cranial nerve bundles located in the ear. This stimulation targets brain areas that process pain and helps reduce functional abdominal pain associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. IB-Stim is a 5-day (120 hours) treatment typically worn for 3 consecutive weeks. Your healthcare provider will discuss your specific treatment plan.

IB-Stim Patient

Did you know that with IB-Stim:


Had meaningful improvement in global symptoms*


Would recommend this treatment to family or friends*


Of patients prior to IB-Stim treatment, had failed to improve with an average of 4 meds trialed*


Showed at least 30% improvement in worst pain at the end of 3 weeks*

*Studies & IFU available at www.ibstim.com/ifu

What to expect with IB-Stim

  • IB-Stim is a non-surgical device placed peripherally (it is not permanently implanted).

  • Medical providers are trained to place the IB-Stim through NeurAxis Certification.

  • Once the provider is trained, the device can be placed in the outpatient clinic and can be removed by the provider in the clinic or the patient at home.

  • IB-Stim stays on for a total of 5-days to allow delivery of gentle electrical pulses to nerves below the skin that access the central nervous system.

  • A study in adolescents showed greater improvement in functional abdominal pain and global symptom improvement with every week of treatment (up to 4 weeks).

  • At the end of the 4-week study, 95% of adolescents stated they would recommend the treatment to family or friends.

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