Center of Excellence Resources

Congratulations on becoming a NeurAxis/IB-Stim Center of Excellence!

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NeurAxis & IB-Stim Center of Excellence

Press Release Template

Spread the news of your achievement! Download a handy, customizable template (.doc) to get you started on creating your own press release.

Center of Excellence Logo

Maximize and promote this distinct achievement with the CoE logo!

Social Sharing Guidelines and Images

Share the news on social media! Use these guidelines to help you craft your messaging and share your Center of Excellence status.

Download social-friendly images to help you promote your Center of Excellence status.

Plaese contact with any questions regarding social best practices

Five Ways to Boost the Value of becoming a Center of Excellence

  • 1
    Broadcast the announcement through newsletters and social media to all of your clients, vendors, and followers. Add photos and videos of your award with the hashtag #ibstim and #centerofexcellence on any social media platform, and we may share your post with our followers across NeurAxis’ platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • 2

    Add the logo to your website and other digital materials. Or put your certificate in your reception room or other high-traffic area for visiting clients and prospects to view.

  • 3
    Profile your practice in the the NeurAxis newsletter. Please enquire here.
  • 4

    Make sure you use the NeurAxis or IB-Stim brand in your personal bios and profiles of your company. For example, “[Name], an IB-Stim Center of Excellence” or “[Hospital Name], a designated IB-Stim Center of Excellence.”

  • 5

    Make sure you tell your local officials or chamber of commerce. They’re often delighted to spread the word and soak up some of the good vibe.

Neuromodulation Therapies For Chronic And Debilitating Conditions In Children

Neuromodulation Therapies For Chronic And Debilitating Conditions In Children

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